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Title Split Explained

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Money in Money Out (MIMO) 💸


This has been a thing of the past, right? …. BUT WAIT …. Is it still possible in 2024? 🤔


It is rare that the government do things to help us property investors however “PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT” is one thing that can, with the right knowledge, be a GAME CHANGER! 🥳


We have teamed up with Rachel Knight and to offer you FREE training download 🎓



Here is more of what Rachel has to say on the subject.


Apprehension around Title Splitting is normal – it’s due to the lack of information out there. 


The thought that tends to play over and over in an investor’s mind is “why do I actually need to Title Split property?” 🤔 


In our research we have discovered that this apprehension almost ALWAYS happens because people do not know about the true benefits. Such as: 


👉 This strategy is the ONLY strategy that allows a MIMO 

👉 Title Splitting allows you to use new permitted development rights to create additional units (no planning

👉 Title Splitting creates high yields, high cashflow and achieves the best capital growth valuations!

 👉 And a WHOLE lot more…


So, these are just SOME of the opportunities Title Splitting can offer you and your property business, and we want to give you an opportunity to find out more through our online Free Download Video. 


>>> Click HERE to get FREE access to our Title Split Download <<<


We want you to get to your financial goals quickly. We want you to breathe a sigh of relief for getting started with this lucrative strategy early…  😎


And know that you CAN do this with the tools we have provided. 


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