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Invest Smartly

Investing in UK Property is historically a great investment, however it is not simple and ensuring you are making the right decisions takes knowledge. That is were a Mentorship can make a significant impact.

What is involved in a Mentorship

Whether you are at the start of your property investing journey or an experienced investor looking to move into a different area of property investing, a one to one mentorship may be perfect for you.


The problem with group training programmes is that they often don’t take into account the individual needs of the investor and they start and end too quickly to ensure the knowledge is maintained long term not just gone from your head in just a few weeks. This often leads to personal blocks that can completely stop your own wealth plans and stop you achieving generational wealth through property investing.


We understand that everyone is different and how vital to success it is that you have someone there to share your journey. Having a Mentor on a one to one basis, available when you need them both in person in your investment area and on a zoom meeting with your mentor pushing you to take the next step forward, this will skyrocket your success.


To achieve an income generating portfolio that can provide for you in your day to day life, retirement and be passed onto your family to help them enjoy financial security is a challenge for most of us. However it can be achieved with the right support, mind-set, and the determination to not stop moving forward.


Moving from an employee or self-employed with all the instability that can bring, changing to having income arriving in your bank account every month without exchanging your time for money is a massive transformation. You will find that you are no longer having to work long hours to pay your bills or worrying that if you are ill, who will be bringing in the money every month for the family.


We offer a 6 month or 12 month mentoring programme that is worked around your needs and your availability. We support your learning and help to ensure your knowledge is not a fleeting moment in time but a lifelong change in your philosophy and your vision of what can and will be achieved for you and your family. Not just long-term wealth but generational wealth. 


Take a step forward now by clicking below to book your call to discuss how this lifelong change in your life can be achieved.




Find out if you will benefit from a Mentorship with either Barry White or Janette White by book a call today.

Testimonial - David Edwick

"A mentorship with Janette has been a great way to accelerate my investment plans. Running numbers on properties has now made me proficient at doing the calculations on potential deals and understanding my anxieties and working through them has been powerfully reassuring."

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