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Sourcing Agent Masterclass

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Are you ready to EXPLODE your income from property?

Building an income from Sourcing Property Deals, is a must for any active investors.


Join us live for the  Property Sourcing Agent Masterclass

Saturday 12th March 10am BST

In this training, we will cover:

1. Why every investor should be sourcing deals

2. How to turn your knowledge into cash in the bank

3. How to build a database of buyers

Are you a property investor or perhaps just setting out on your property investing journey? Your knowledge can be leveraged to produce ££££ for you.

In a world where information is everywhere but ACTION takers are few, you can make your knowledge work for you if you take your knowledge and put action behind it. Turn your knowledge into CASH in the bank, wether to build a pot for your deposits or a side income to support your family and keep you mortgageable in the transition form a JOB to being self employed.

Spare property deals is a side effect of what an active investor is doing, so packaging these deals for other investors is a great extra income and other investors go on to use Sourcing as their main business that they use to live on and quickly become that 'Go to Person' in their area.

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Property Sourcing Agent Masterclass

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