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How to STOP Repossession

Repossession Replay 

Hi I'm Barry White I'm a property investor and I've trained over 15,000 property investors over the last 10 years


Over the next two to three years sadly many people will be facing repossession we want to help stop this happening and save the untold mental damage this can do to a person, I know this because 42 years ago I personally had my home repossessed


Many investors want to help but often are unable to find the people to help


Once the property has been repossessed the opportunity to help has past us by


In this special training programme we will look at the keys you need to step into the gap to be able to rescue someone that is about to be repossessed 


In this training we will cover….


3 Key Points To Stop A Repossession


  1. How to find a property that is about to be repossessed

  2. How to communicate with the owner at their time of distress 

  3. How to stop the legal process

We also offer you the opportunity to work directly with us to further your knowledge on this highly specialised subject

go to the video timer at 1:24:13

If you would like to get involved now click the image below


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Sam Bright

"The stories of his experiences were fascinating and the learnings I got from them were amazing, I was just in awe of his depth of knowledge on this subject"

Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 10.39.33.png

David Stephenson

"Fantastic day, it’s the best thing thing I've done this I started my property journey 12 months ago’’

Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 10.50.28.png

Tina Pickstock &
Richard Parkes

"Barry is very good at putting you at ease. It was amazing what we learned on the course, especially to focus on the person you're speaking to and understanding how you can help them.

We both highly recommend it"

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Barry White

Property Investor, Trainer and Mentor

NLP Master Practitioner & Social Psychologist 

Author of Amazon #1 Best selling book...

The Psychology Of Property Negotiation

Thursday 3.30pm on Christmas Eve 2009 I was attending a hospital appointment to be told I had stage 4 cancer. At that point, my wife and I were running a small hotel in Wales, Our world changed and I realised that life is not a rehearsal.

It was not always easy and the fear in doing something different to what others were doing was very real at first. However with training, a mentor and coaching at the right points on our journey, we achieved way beyond financial freedom and now we help others do the same.

As a former Trainer & Mentor for RichDad Education, Legacy/Asset Academy, Martin Roberts of BBC's Homes Under The Hammer & Ex England & Liverpool footballer Robbie Fowler, I have over10 years of property training experience and along with my wife have trained over 15,000 people and personally mentored over 500 people 1 to 1 in property investment and continue to do so via our our training company.

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