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The Psychology of Property Negotiation
  • The Psychology of Property Negotiation

    The Psychology of Property Negotiation


    Getting to know the person you are dealing with and finding out a little about their circumstances before any property negotiation begins is paramount to getting deals over the line.


    Very few people listen with the intent to understand they listen with the intent to reply.


    If you were to practise the art of listening and understanding during a conversation you would become a very skilled negotiator.


    It is surprising how many people do not listen to what is being said to them, in society today we have so many distractions and a simple conversation to find out what is going on in the mind of the other person rarely happens. 


    In this book, the author explains: - 


    1. How to build rapport and to get people to know, like and trust you.


    2. Why and how listening and understanding is so important to your success when negotiating any property deal.


    3. How to get the other side to tell you exactly what they need from the property transaction.


    4. The reasons they will say yes to your offers.


    5. What it takes to offer a win win solution.


    Plus, lots more!


    I trust you will enjoy the book and that it will help in your property journey.  


    Barry White


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