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Property Sourcing 


Turn your knowledge
into cash.

If you are viewing 👀 properties and NOT putting in offers then it is time to look into running your own sourcing business. 

If a property is not fitting in with your strategy then why not make some extra INCOME by telling your network about that property deal?

Then the video above is for you

The Property Sourcing Masterclass

In this training, we cover:

1. Why every investor should be sourcing deals.

2. Turning your knowledge into cash in the bank.

3. Finding investors and building a database of buyers.


If you have been through any kind of property training and are not currently turning your knowledge into income then this Masterclass is for you. Open your mind to the possibility of being full time in property and becoming the go to person in your area for property deals.

This 2 hour webinar could change the direction of your life and open so many possibilities for you. I look forward to seeing you then.

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I set out to do sourcing as I wanted to be involved in property full time, but I was unsure about how I might begin.

Janette guided me in what to do and what to expect.

I really  appreciated the time & knowledge she gave me.

Elahe and Mo

My Name is Elahe Radmaneshfar and I am one of the director of Cito Cimo Sourcing. In 2019 alone we have sourced 52 properties in 52 weeks.


If you are thinking of having a coach to grow your sourcing business and earn a good income for yourself and your family we highly recommend Janette, certainly with her knowledge and your massive action amazing things can happen. 

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“Janette held my hand through the whole process”

“We have 4 deals going through conveyancing at the moment, and sourcing is not our main business”

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