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27th October 7pm Free Virtual Event

Investing In Property with Confidence.
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3 Keys to Property Formulas Mastery

and you don't need a degree in mathematics. 

Do you get stuck on how the money works when buying a property investment?


Have you wanted to get income generating assets, but you look at the house and then a calculator and want to give up as it is just too confusing?


If yes, then you are NOT alone. 


Janette, faced this problem when she first started property investing. She found her lack of understanding was stopping her moving forward, once she had mastered the art of numbers she went on to become not only a prolific property investor but an excellent trainer and mentor with whom we have worked along side for over 10 years.

That is why she will be sharing with you her FREE training….




3 Steps to Property Formulas Mastery


In this free training she will be covering... 


  1. Below Market Value Formula

  2. Returns Formula

  3. The Cash or Leverage Formula


Join Janette live on Thursday 27th October 2022 7pm where she will walk you through the 3 keys to moving forward with CONFIDENCE.


Spaces will be limited so secure your seat for this virtual FREE Training on Thursday evening and turn up early with your calculator at the ready.


See you there.


Lindsay, Marina and Janette


Fill in the form below now to get registered and put the date and time in your diary. I look forward to seeing you then.

p.s. Keep an eye on your junk email.

Ti and Thembi.png

Fi and Thembi Bhebe

"We highly Recommended Course. Her simple and easy to follow formulas have given us a sharp understanding and knowledge of numbers."

Nici Testemonial.PNG

Nici Gallagher

"It’s all just so much easier to understand now and I don’t feel like an idiot anymore. I couldn’t recommend or thank Janette enough:)’’

Juls & meadow flowers – Version 2.jpeg

Jules Kennaway

It makes me feel very privileged to be learning with a Numbers coach like Janette, who goes the extra mile and genuinely wants her students to learn – and remember!


Janette White

Property Investor, Trainer and Mentor

It was 2009 when my husband said, “What is this lump on my neck?” At that point, we were running a small hotel in Wales, and so on Christmas Eve of that year he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. My world changed and I realised that life is not a rehearsal.

It was not always easy and the fear in doing something different to what others were doing was very real at first. However with training, a mentor and coaching at the right points on our journey, we achieved way beyond financial freedom and now we help others do the same.

As a former Trainer & Mentor for RichDad Education, Legacy/Asset Academy, Martin Roberts of BBC's Homes Under The Hammer & Ex England & Liverpool footballer Robbie Fowler, I have over10 years of property training experience and along with my husband have trained over 12,000 people in property investment and continue to do so via our our training company.

3 Steps to Property Formulas Mastery

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