International Gold High-Performance Mentor Program (Inc VAT)
  • International Gold High-Performance Mentor Program (Inc VAT)

    The High-Performance Mentor Program Gold Ultimate (inc VAT)


    Included in this package is the following training and mentoring solutions / workshops



    Serviced Accommodation

    Advanced Remote Marketing

    Socical Houseing Workshop

    Deal Sourcing

    Houses in Multiple Occupation

    Commercial Conversons

    Joint Venture Workshop

    Advance Due Diligence

    5 Full Day Site Visits

    Personalised Action Plan

    26 Bi Monthly 1 to 1 Accountability Calls

    Land Deals

    Planning & Permitted Development

    Raising Seed Capital



    Advanced Lease Options....

    • Sandwich Lease Options
    • Assisted Sales
    • Option Swops
    • Lease Extensions with Options
    • Legal's
    • Negative Equity Opportunities
    • Dealing with Repessessions
    • Deal Clinic & Lease Options Structuring
    • Lease Options PowerPlay Manuals


    Advanced Negotiation...

    • Building Rapport
    • Know, Like and Trust
    • Matching, Mirroring & Labeling
    • Body Language
    • Voice Techniques
    • Confidence Building
    • Eye Accessing
    • Hand Gestures


    And the full Bronze Package...

    • Goal Setting
    • Mindset - useing your most powerful asset
    • Basic property investing
    • Monthly market updates
    • Lease Options - Basics
    • Marketing
    • Legals - Working with a solicitor
    • Negotation - Basics
    • Dealing with Estate Agents
    • Dealing with Sourcing Agents
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